Anti-Mask League of 1919

Here's an interesting thread on the Anti-Mask League of 1919.

Jeffery....very interesting thread. Thank you.

By the way, the Spanish flu had a 5-10% fatality rate that included a lot of young people. We are nowhere near that. Personally, I'm happier when people don't wear masks. IT makes the world a better place to see faces and smiles. If CV19 was nearly as damaging I might think about it. But it actually seems a big fraud. As mentioned, my friend who is a surgeon in the ICU at SF General, they are below 30% of their projections assuming "social distancing". Pretty bad miscalculation. 730 unemployed for every person who has died. Who is going to claim responsibility for that?


I agree. The labs that made bad projections should take a big hit with respect to credibility and funding.