Another option to counter the "selfish libertarian" meme


  I'm certainly open to working in coalition with groups with whom we
have significant differences, even a group where that is as true as
it is with a group like ANSWER, provided we don't let ourselves get
taken advantage of such as by giving the impression that we support
non-libertarian parts of their agenda. But if we're simply donating
money and/or labor for charity or a good cause, I think there are
enough good causes out there that we can be a bit more choosy, don't

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

No, I have a feeling that we suffer from paralysis of analysis, and
choosing organizations to support will be a challenge for us. But,
that is not to say that we should not keep trying to find people to
work with.


Paralysis of analysis solved.

I created the AIDS Walk team under the name Outright Libertarians
instead of LPSF. It didn't seem like the argument was worth wasting any
more time on.

As for the plantabillion widget, I'll put one on my site to let people
see how it works, and we can vote on it at the May meeting. I just
didn't want us to wait until May to start raising money for AIDS Walk,
so since there's an objection from an LPSF officer, it's easier to
register with another organization.


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