Another mention in the Bay Area Reporter (9/28/06)

"Alix Rosenthal, who works as a deputy city attorney in Oakland and is running to replace Dufty, has made public safety one of her top four platforms. She wants to increase support for community-based violence prevention, job training, and after-school programs; put more cops on the streets and out of their cars; and supports community policing.

"'Our neighborhoods are not getting safer. Homicides are going up,' Rosenthal said at a candidate forum Monday, September 25. 'I want to see the district attorney and police talk more. I think they have an acrimonious relationship, and the board can apply more pressure there.'

"Starchild, a libertarian and escort, said he also wants to see the police "get out of their cars" and stop wasting resources "prosecuting people for things that really should not be crimes" like prostitution or selling marijuana. "They should focus on robbery and murder. We don't need more officers. The police don't need more money. They have enough money already."

"[As previously reported, Starchild faces solicitation charges in Alameda County stemming from an arrest last year.]"