Another broken Pelosi commitment?


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed that a Democratic-controlled House would be a hard-working body putting in five-day weeks, the schedule of this congressional session is “farcical,” according to a House staffer.

“We sometimes have days with just one hour of votes from 3 to 4 p.m. on renaming post offices before calling it a day,” the staffer told NewsMax.

“No votes are scheduled on Fridays this month. And Pelosi hopes to close the House down for the year on Nov. 16.

“Pelosi made a big deal of saying she would make the House work five-day weeks. You can see how long that lasted.”

  Of course there is always the argument to be made that the less Congress works, the better, but in an era when the executive branch of government is increasingly out of control and different parties control each branch, that calculation no longer seems as certain as it once did. But I post this mainly as more evidence of Pelosi's lack of integrity.

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