Well, since pretty much anyone can be part of Anonymous, this one is a free marketer. Anyone at all can participate in their actions (i.e., their efforts to expose Scientology, DDoS a financial institution, or humiliate HBGary Federal's CEO Aaron Barr), or ignore targets that are of no interest. They are a rather amorphous group, but I haven't heard anything from them suggesting they'd support socialism.

The scandalous Bank of America information released yesterday by Anonymous is not quite as earth-shaking as I'd hoped it might be, but is creepy enough that some executives should be losing sleep this week (and be eternally grateful that events in Japan have stolen the headlines away from Anonymous). It's particularly interesting that they point out that a Wisconsin union withdrew their treasury from a Madison bank that supported Republican Governor Scott Walker (M&I Bank), and with a withdrawal of as little as $192,000, forced the bank to immediately close, as they did not have enough operating reserves to continue business. If all big banks function on such small reserves, their next action could bring many financial institutions to their knees, including BofA. Too bad that the closing of our East Bay LP accounts at BofA in 2009 were too small to have that kind of an impact.

Note that the video on the front page of their site is The American Dream, which will be showcased next month at the Libertarian Party of California's Convention of Delegates in South Lake Tahoe. The film's director Tad Lumpkin and producer John Stagliano will both be featured speakers at the convention.

Terry Floyd