Announcing "The San Francisco Libertarian Party March Meetup"

Hi Rachel,

  Thanks for organizing the SF Libertarian Party Meetup group, but this latest announcement doesn't look right. It mentions election of officers, which we did in January, and makes it sound like the social promoted here is happening immediately after our monthly meeting, but unless there's been a major change I haven't heard about, those meetings happen on the second Saturdays, not on the second Tuesday (which in this case comes before the second Saturday).

  Are you a member of LPSF-activists and LPSF-discuss, by the way? If not, I encourage you to join these forums where our local activists tend to communicate between in-person meetings and events. You can do so via the LPSF website,

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

Thanks for catching this. The announcement also talks about an "annual" meeting. Since March 9 is a Tuesday, the day the Meetup Group gets together, obviously there is a mixup.

A couple of LPSM meetings ago, we had a problem with some folks going by the Meetup times and arriving at the LPSF meeting at the wrong time.


I don't have enough administrative access to turn off the automatic
scheduling of Meetups on the second Tuesday of each month, but I do at least
have enough access to remove the stuff about meetings and Archstone.
Hopefully this will reduce the confusion until Rachel is able to log in and
change the scheduling settings.

Oh good! Rob, given the brouhaha a couple of meetings ago caused by confusion between the Meetup and LPSF, and given that the Meetup is such a great asset to the LPSF, I am wondering if you might work out with Rachel a clear distinction on her site. When I see the Meetup site, I really can't tell that is not the LPSF.


I've been unable to reach Rachel in many, many months. That's why the
Meetup group is such a disaster. She's the only one with full admin access
to fix it, but she has been unavailable. The email address I have for her
has been bouncing for probably a year, and I've sent her multiple Facebook
messages with no reply. According to her LinkedIn, she just took a new job
at Electronic Arts a couple of weeks ago, so maybe she's been busy with
that. If someone else wants to volunteer to get in touch with her, I'd
appreciate it. None of my connections are working. Starchild, did your
email to her at the start of this thread get a reply, a bounce-back, or
anything else? That's the same address I have for her, and I get bounces
when I use it.