Anarchists in San Francisco (1916)

I went to a book release talk this evening by Chris Carlsson, the author of a new book on SF history, "Hidden San Francisco". He is also a co-creator of the SF history website Found SF, which is well worth a look. I'd visited it before, but it had been a while. Poking around there after the talk, I came across a reprint of an article from a local publication called The Blast (truly a "blast from the past! :slight_smile: about the arrest of an anarchist activist for trying to inform people about birth control:
"In San Francisco there is an Italian group called Gruppo Anarchico. It appears to be made up of young men chiefly, though a few women attend its sessions. It holds forth in a dingy club room at 1602 Stockton Street, where its members go to read revolutionary periodicals, hear red-blooded speakers and take active part in work which has intelligent resistance for its base...."

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((( starchild )))

Thanks for this post, Starchild. I want to second your recommendation of the website Found SF. The website is a treasure throve of history. I particularly remember the essays on the International Hotel and the Whitcomb Hotel. I also remember an essay on the old SROs and how they provided a home for poor folks. I had not seen the essay you posted, so i very much enjoyed reading it.