Analysis of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s “plan” to hold judges accountable; and proposal that can bring about transformative change in the judiciary

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to hold judges accountable; and
proposal that can bring about
transformative change in the judiciaryByDr. RichardCordero, Esq.
Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England
M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School
D.E.A., La Sorbonne, ParisJudicial DisciplineReform
New York City ,, I would like to submit to your considerationand your colleagues’ this proposal for: 1. the publication of one(†>OL2:991, 998) ora series(OL2:719§C) of my articles: a. analyzing Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s “plan” to hold judges accountable for failing to recuse themselves when theyhave conflicts of interest due to their holding shares in one of the partiesbefore them and instead resolving the conflicts to that party and their own benefit;and b. exposing unaccountable judges’ riskless abuseof power(†>OL2:971§A) and holding them liable to compensate their victims, who are entitledto the equal protection of the law that judges afford victims of malpracticingdoctors and lawyers, and their hospitals and law firms; pedophilic priests andtheir churches; Harvey Weinstein-like sexual abusers; wrongdoing officers ofthe other branches; etc.; 2. a joint investigation of public interest stories that canaffect the presidential campaign: a. judges’ interception of people’s emails andmail(OL2:781) in order to detect and suppressthose critical of their abuse and ward off the constitutional checks andbalances of the other branches; on the application hereto of the legal standard of “probable cause to believe that the defendant hascommitted the offense with which he or she has been charged” see †>OL2:974§B, 930§C); b. judges’ failure to read the vast majority ofthe briefs(†>OL2:760) that they require of every litigant, who must spend $1Ks and even$10Ks to produce them and who would be outraged upon learning that withoutreading them the judges dump the corresponding cases and motions out of theircaseload by having their clerks rubberstamp unresearched, unreasoned,arbitrary, fiat-like orders contained in 5¢ dumping forms, whereas a tiny minorityof briefs of interest to the judges benefit from their unequal protection of the law by being read and discussed by them inopinions with precedential value that they write, sign, and have published(†>OL2:457§D); 3. investment of venture capital: a. in the website at,whose articles, though unaccompanied by pictures or videos, exert such intense publicappeal as to attract so many webvisitors that 28,176 and counting(†>OL2:Appendix 3) have becomesubscribers, which makes it a sound business proposition to develop the sitefrom a free informational into a for-profit(OL2:914)interactive one that sells ads, goods, and services, e.g., fee-paying research;and b. to sponsor the business plan’s programmaticactivities(†>OL2:916§C, 978§E) that can turn a profit. 4. The foundation of this proposal is found in my professionalstudy of judges and their judiciaries: Exposing Judges' Unaccountability and
Consequent Riskless Abuse of Power:
Pioneeringthe news and publishing field of
judicial unaccountability reporting* † * a.Download the volume files using MS Edge, Firefox, or Chrome; it may happen thatInternet Explorer only downloads a blank page. b.Open the downloaded files using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available forfree at… c. Ineach downloaded file, go to the Menu bar >View >Navigation Panels>Bookmarks panel and use its bookmarks, which make navigating to thecontents’ numerous(* †>blue references) very easy. 5. You may wish to review my presentation video and slides,and their introduction(OL2:974): 6. More than 50 million cases are filed in the state andfederal courts annually(*>jur:8fn4,5), towhich must be added the scores of millions of cases pending or deemed to havebeen decided wrongly or wrongfully. They have generated the huge untappedleaderless voting bloc of The Dissatisfied with the Judicialand Legal System. 7. To explain how thisproposal can attract them to you, make you money, and turn you into a nationalChampion of Justice I offer to present it to you and your colleagues byvideo conference or in person. So I look forward to hearing from you. Dare triggerhistory!(†>OL2:953)…and you mayenter it. Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq. Judicial Discipline Reform
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to hold judges accountable;
her unrealistic expectation that
Congress and judges will implement it; and
an informed and outraged public that can do so
when its political power is strongest and
enables it to bring about
transformative change By Dr. RichardCordero, Esq.
Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England
M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School
D.E.A., La Sorbonne, ParisJudicial DisciplineReform
New York City, , 8. Senator Elizabeth Warren has dare criticize federaljudges. She is the first presidential candidate to do so, denouncing how thosejudges resolve financial conflicts of interests to their benefit, e.g., far fromthe judges recusing themselves from cases in one of the parties to which theyhold shares, deciding them in favor of that party and their own. 9. Sen. Warren’s “plan” would hold them to the duty todisclose those conflicts and be liable for mishandling them to investigation bythe Judicial Conference of the U.S. and Congress, and removal from office bythe latter. 10. Yet, the members of those two entities have known foryears about judges’ abusive handling of conflicts and other forms of abuse(*>jur:146fn272), but have failed to take measures toexpose, punish, and prevent them, as shown in the study*†of judges and their judiciaries, which constitutes the basis of this article: Exposing Judges' Unaccountability and
Consequent Riskless Abuse of Power:
Pioneering the news and publishing field of
judicial unaccountability reporting* † A. A frightened Congress will continue to coverfor ‘its’ judges, lest they retaliate 11. The Conference was set up under Title 28 of the Code offederal laws, section 331 (28 U.S.C. §331). It is composed of the chief judges ofthe 13 federal circuits and the U.S. Court of International Trade, and anelected district judge from each of the 12 circuits with such judges. It ispresided over by the Supreme Court chief justice, who convenes it behind closeddoors twice a year. “TheConference shall make a comprehensive survey of the condition of business inthe courts of the United States [and] is authorized to exercise the authorityprovided [in theJudicial Conduct and Disability Act of 1980, (§351-364; the Act), whichrequires all complaints against federal judges to be submitted to, andprocessed by, federal judges]. TheChief Justice shall submit to Congress an annual report of the proceedings ofthe Judicial Conference and its recommendations for legislation.” (§331) 12. Congress has also learned about the condition of thefederal courts through the Annual Report (§604(a)(4)), filed as a publicdocument, of the Director of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, whois appointed and removable by the Supreme Court chief justice (§601). 13. What is more: “The Director…shallinclude in his annual report filed with the Congress…a summary of the number ofcomplaints filed with each judicial council under [the Act], indicating thegeneral nature of such complaints and the disposition of those complaints inwhich action has been taken.” (§604(h)(2)) 14. The annual reports since 1996 are available on theAdministrative Office’s website. Their officialstatistics(†>OL2:795§C) show that federal judges for decadeshave dismissed 100% of complaints against them and denied 100% of the petitionsto review those dismissals(*>jur:10-14). 1. An outrageous instance of abuse of power involving the topjustice and judges 15. In fact, the official statistics compiled by the Court of Appeals for the U.S. District ofColumbia Circuit, the most prestigious federal court after the Supreme Court, showthat Then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Chief Judge Merrick Garland –nominated byPresidents Trump and Obama to the Supreme Court, respectively–, and their peersreceived 478 complaints againstjudges in their Circuit during the 1oct06/30sep17 11-year period, but abusedtheir power to dismiss 100% of them(†>OL2:748) and deny all review petitions. a. A complaint about that abuse(†>OL2:792) was filed with the DC CircuitCourt of Appeals, which referred it to Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr., who inturn assigned it for disposition to the 11th Circuit. b. Predictably, the latter dismissed it anddenied the petition for review of such dismissal(†>OL2:918; see also the statistics onThen-Judge, Now-Justice Neil Gorsuch and the 10th Circuit(OL2:548) and J. Sonia Sotomayor and the 2ndCircuit(*>jur:11)). 2. A sham process: judges extort mutual exoneration whileleaving complainants at their mercy 16. Indeed, judges have known for decades of each other’sabuse of power(†>OL2:976§A), e.g., trading for theirown account even if based on information in documents filed under seal byparties or discussed in chambers confidentially with them. 17. But they have failed their duty to report any abuse. Hadthey reported it, they would have been treated as treasonous pariahs by theother judges. 18. So they looked the other way or, worse yet, engaged inthe same inside trading and all other forms of abuse. They did and do it fortheir own personal and class survival, for all justices and judges have writtenon their forehead this stern warning to each other: “I know about all the abuse that youhave committed or covered up. If you now bring me down, I’ll take you with me!” 19. While on 30sep18, the number of federal judicialofficers was 2,255, in the last 230 years since the creation of the FederalJudiciary in 1789, the number of federal judges impeached and removed fromoffice is 8!(*>jur:21§1) 20. ‘All their peermen and women’ end up exonerated and unaccountable… Unaccountability breedsriskless abuse of power. a. Cf. WashingtonPost Reporter Carl Bernstein referred to President Nixon’s White Houseduring the 1972-1974 Watergate scandal as “a criminalenterprise”; “All the President’s men”(*>jur:4fn3) went to prison. 3. A Congress interested only in protecting itself, not thepublic, from ‘its’ judges’ retaliation 21. Congress granted federal judges self-discipliningauthority through its Act(supra ¶2). But it isnot in its interest to supervise their exercise of such authority, never mindtheir abrogation of the Act in effect by dismissing and denying 100% ofcomplaints and review petitions: a. The senators confirmed those justices andjudges. They will not indict their own capacity to evaluate character andconduct a competent vetting procedure by turning around and admitting that ‘all our men and women’ on the bench areindividually dishonest and collectively members of ‘aracketeering branch’(18 U.S.C. §1961). 22. The Senate and the House have practiced willfulignorance and blindness(*>jur:88§§a-c) toavoid judges’ devastating power of retaliation: a. Judges can declare laws and even politicalagendas unconstitutional(*>jur:23fn17) ordecide against either chamber every suit that it filed against the other or theExecutive Branch or filed by political rivals during electoral campaigns. 23. Judges bear on their forehead a condonation-exactingwarning for the politicians that empowered them and enabled them to develop avery long memory by giving them a life-appointment: ‘Don’t you ever mess with us!’ 24. For proof of judges’ devastating power: a single federalone suspended nationwide the Muslimtravel ban ordered by a President that campaigned on issuing it and was electedby 62.5 million voters(†>OL2:993¶8e). 25. Judges exert their power as an expression of their gang mentality(OL2:569¶¶13-14): a. Then-Judge Gorsuch said during his confirmationprocess, «Anattack on one of our brothers and sisters of the robe is an attack on all of us»(†>OL2:546). b. Through that statement, he revealed that judgesdeem the rule of law and ethical considerations meaningless when it comes todefending their interests. They think in terms of ‘us against the rest of theworld’. The gang must not lose face. They must protect each of its members,even if he or she raped the rule of law. To that end, they resort to fear, retaliation,and lawlessness. 26. Congress cowers and covers for each of ‘its’ judges, nomatter the nature, frequency, and gravity of the complaints against them. As aresult, both Congress and judges leave all complainants and the rest of the public,including you, the Reader, at the mercy of a racketeering gang of abusivejudges.

B. Sen. Warren can denounce abuse that informs andoutrages, thus setting in motion a process 27. Sen. Warren has courageously denounced judges’ abusiveresolution in their favor of their conflicts of interests. That constitutesonly one type of abuse out of all forms of abuse that unaccountable judges haveturned into their coordinated and their Judiciary’s institutionalized modusoperandi(>jur:49§4). 28. However, her “plan” to have theirabuse eliminated by the very Congress and judges who condone it and have thegreatest interest in maintaining it is doomed as objectively unrealistic.
1. A process that establishes the circumstances enabling theabuse 29. The national media and public must be informed of unaccountablejudges’ riskless abuse(†>OL2:971§A) and Sen. Warren’s unrealistic “plan”to curb it. If so, they will be outraged. 30. Through a reciprocally reinforcing dynamic, an outragedpublic can give the media a competitive and commercial incentive to launch aUkrainian scandal-like generalized journalistic investigation.
31. It must aim at a full exposure of the nature, frequency,and gravity of judges’ abuse; it can pursue concrete leads(*>OL:194§E). Its findings can outrage so intenselythat abuse-curbing measures that today appear inconceivable will becomeinevitable; and drive Sen. Warren to adopt based thereon a fact-consistentrealistic “plan”. 32. So, there must be held nationally televised congressionalhearings and unprecedented citizens hearings conducted in the public interest bythe media and universities(†>OL2:916¶13.i),not interest-conflicted politicians, and proposing realistic judicial accountabilitylegislation. 33. Outrage can motivate judges and their clerks to become DeepThroat(*>jur:106§c) confidential informants(*>OL:180; †>OL2:468) and the new kinds of transformative agents of our public life: clearly present and more ‘dangerous’ Whistleblowers and officers that defytheir superiors’ gag orders and testify under subpoena before Congress’sfact-finding committees. 34. These agents are candidates for Time’s Persons of the Year and champions in the documentary: Black RobedPredators!
when the judges are the abusers(OL2:879) C. Implementing the inform and outrage strategywhen the public is strongest 35. This out-of-court inform and outrage strategy to exposejudges’ abuse can be especially effective now: During a presidential campaign,the national public wields its strongest power to volunteer for campaign work,donate, spread the word, and vote. 36. An outraged public can force each of the presidentialcandidates to take a stand on such abuse at their rallies and townhall meetings,and at press conferences, op-eds, and the presidential debates. 37. In addition, because the overcrowded field of 20+candidates splits media and public attention, and the impeachment inquiry sucksit in, each candidate is desperate to break an issue that captures thatattention and saves him or her from having to drop out. 38. That issue is abuse by judges and their judiciaries astheir way of doing business and holding them accountable AND liable to compensate their victims, as all otherabusers and their victims are, because in ‘government,not of men and women, but by the rule of law’(*>OL:5fn6)The Law is Equal for All. 39. Two types of abuse will be intensely outrageous and drawvictims together to demand compensation: a. judges’ interception of people’s emails andmail and suppression of those critical of judges(supra¶2a), which tramples on Americans’ most cherished constitutionalguarantees of ‘freedomof speech, the press, and assembly [including through the Internetand social media],and compensation by the government [of which judges formthe third branch]’; and can outrage more than the Snowden/NSA scandal, wherethe illegal mass surveillance of phone calls did not suppress any call(†>OL2:995§B); and b. judges’ failure to read most briefs(supra ¶2b), which warrants a national movement forparties to join in demanding from the court where they had or have cases andits judges the refund of the filing fees that they paid and compensation for thefunds, effort, and expectations(†>OL2:729) wasted on unread briefs. 40. By Sen. Warren making these compensation demands, she willattract The Dissatisfied(supra ¶6) and force the othercandidates to emulate her, lest they cede that huge voting bloc to her. She andthey can thus insert the issue of judges’ abuse in the campaign. 41. Media and public outrage can be so intense as to forcejustices and judges to resign, as it did Justice Abe Fortas in 1969(*>jur:92§d). 42. That can give the next president and Senate majority ahistoric opportunity: to nominate and confirm the majority or even the whole ofthe Supreme Court and lower courts. This will allow them to implement theiragenda and even fashion a new form of government where We the People, the masters of all public servants, hold also ourjudicial public servants accountable and liable. 43. That would be transformative change(†>OL2:971§B). By sharing and posting this article aswidely as possible, you will increase the chances that it will outrage thepublic, the media, Sen. Warren, and the other candidates. 44. You can thus become recognized as one of the People’sChampions of Justice. C. Put your money where your outrage at abuse andpassion for justice are because Every meaningfulcause needs resources for its advancement;
none can be advanced without money 45. Hence, I have written a prospectus(†>OL2:914)‡to apply to venture capitalists for venture capital –not a loan– to run Judicial Discipline Reform as a for-profit business guided bythe motto: Making money while doing justice.‡ 46. The capital will help JudicialDiscipline Reform to continue its professional and original law research and writing, and strategicthinking. 47. It will also enhanceits website at Its publicappeal is so extensive that out of its many visitors it has turned intosubscribers 28,171 and counting(†>OL2:Appendix 3).That proven appeal can be fostered and monetized by enhancing the site from aninformational one into: a. aclearinghouse for complaints(†>OL2:918) about judges thatanybody can upload; and b. aresearch center for auditing(*>OL:274-280,304-307) many complaints in search of(*>jur:131§b,*>OL:255) the most persuasive type ofevidence, i.e., patterns(†>OL2:792§A), trends, and schemes(OL2:614) ofabuse of power. 48. Capital is alsoneeded to undertake the concrete, realistic, and feasible ProgrammaticActivities(†>OL2:916§C,978§E) aimed to form anational movement and attain its objectives of judicial abuse exposure,compensation, and reform. The Program shows that there is a thought-outbusiness plan reasonably calculated to turn a profit. 49. Meantime, I appealto you to support JudicialDiscipline Reform by DONATING through PayPal or at
the GoFundMe campaign at 50. I offer to present this article and the applicationfor venture capital to you and your colleagues at a video conference or inperson. You may use the information below to contact me and discuss the presentation’s terms and conditions and itsscheduling.
Dare trigger history!(†>OL2:953)...and you may enter it.
Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq. Judicial Discipline Reform
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