an interesting story

Dear Steve;
as the old saying goes:
git your sticky fingered mitts out of my paycheck Mr. Guvmint before I chop your hand off at the shoulder.
The best guvmint is no guvmint and I do mean as under the true meaning of anarchy from the Greek - Anarkos - without a ruler - we don't need no rulers we don't got no need for no rulers and we'd all be a whole lot better off with no rulers - city county state or federal or global world wide whatever and their taxes to support themselves forcibly stolen from us at gunpoint but without the by your leave of an armed robber.
clear enuff now???

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
Hostis res Publica


  I think Steve was joking with you! But I totally agree -- these trumped-up fines are just another form of taxation, and an often very onerous one at that. We should encourage people to be outraged at this sort of rip-off, and get that message out at every opportunity.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))