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Dear Steve
As with guvmint it's not about the fines deterring the crime it's about the money disguised as fines so the ever insatiable greedy money-grubbing oinking pigs at the City troughs gulping down the swill at the taxpayers expense will have their swill trough constantly re-filled while disguised as fines to stop the blocking of the sidewalks so the poor defenseless pedestrians won't have to walk around the car bumpers.
Just like the recent activities to force people to move their garbage cans out of sight after garbage pick up or get a $100 fine or the people who pave over what passes for front yards and use it for parking who will get fined something like $500 for doing that deed.
Like the city agency you got to go to to get approval to cut down a tree on your property for the appropriate fee permit.
Like if you own a house you got to get a permit to fix it up and now the permit fees have all been jacked up again for any type of hosue repair work.
Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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From your description, it's not clear to me if you approve of these heavy handed government policies or not.