An Important Reminder About Our Rights

Dear Everyone;

In todays era of the Patriot Act and ever increasing curbs on civil liberties and government power a reminder of some of our rights to restrain that power.

This article from Lew Rockwell written by Jacob Hornberger President of the Future Of Freedom Foundation on the 4th Amendment - Searches and Siezures talks about one of the things we have to be thankful for in the Bill of Rights.


The 4th Amendment is something not read by SF Board of Supervisor Aaron Peskin who wants to seize johns cars who solicit prostitutes according to story in the todays Examiner. Just making more victims of victimless crimes. The difference is he wants to wait to seize the cars until after the john gets convicted of soliciting prostitution then seize the johns car. DA Kamala Harris is reviewing the possibility of agreeing after reviewing other cities attempts at doing some of the same for soliciting drugs.

It's just more rampant nonsense from the Board of Supervisors to force morals on people by edict.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

P.S. P.J. Corkery the SF Examiner columnist has a nice couple of paragraphs about Kathleen Harrington in todays column. The column is not on line yet but look for a copy at a local newsrack.