An Idea From a Lew Rockwell Columnist - Join'm if you can't beat'm

Dear Everyone;

This columnist has a radical idea on getting Libertarians elected locally. He does a take on the " if you can't beat them join them philosophy ". Much like Rep. Ron Paul has done in Texas to get elected as a Libertarian/Republican.

How this would or could work out locally beats the heck out of me but it's food for thought. He still advocates a strong focus of the limited national resources third parties have on the presidential candidacy. He believes there are several attractive Libertarian ideals which could appeal to a variety of local voters through the local party. Whichever is the stronger in getting candidates elected locally.

His article also includes two click-through sites to a Republican Liberty Caucus ( ) and a Democratic Freedom Caucus ( ) which are Libertarian oriented groups within the two parties.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian