An idea for our next meeting


I've been wanting to try something for our meetings, and I haven't seen much
in the way of agenda items this month so maybe this is a good time.
Hopefully it will be more fun for Emily, too :slight_smile: (you're not alone).

The idea is to meet in an Open Space format. In an Open Space meeting, there
is no pre-set agenda. Instead, there is a light structure with suggested
time slots and a brief opening where attendees offer topics they are
passionate about tackling. The group may stay together through one or more
topics, or individuals may decide that smaller group dialogues may be
appropriate. It's all up to the freedom and responsibility of the people in
the meeting, with only very gentle facilitation. You may notice that in any
meeting, there are inevitably side conversations at either end of the table,
and additional fascinating things come up in the social hour; Open Space
embraces those energies instead of quieting them.

Here are some links about Open Space:
Anatomy of an Open Space
Opening Space for Collaboration and

Would you like to give this a try?



I endorse the experiment, with the proviso you fully explain the process at the start of the meeting.

Best, Michael