An Enlightened, and Truly POd Glen Park Resident, on Mayor Lee's a priori by fiat anti-democratic limitation on citizens' vote


  Excellent letter. I agree it is inappropriate for the Board of Supervisors to favor city government employees by preempting a pending decision by the voters. However you may be addressing the wrong Supervisor on this issue.

  Scott Wiener is, after all, the sponsor of another ballot measure, Proposition E, which would make it easier for Supervisors to overturn the will of the voters by modifying or canceling initiatives adopted by popular vote, without making it any easier for *voters* to modify or cancel measures passed by the *Board of Supervisors* -- thus effectively taking a bit more power away from the people and giving it to the politicians.

  Of course his colleagues on the Board voted to put this power grab on the ballot, suggesting that they're fine with limiting democracy when it involves giving themselves more freedom to act.

  I'd welcome their proving me wrong by passing a similar ordinance making it easier for voters to overturn or repeal actions of the Board and Mayor, but I'm not holding my breath.

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))