Amarcy Berry invites you to share your insight

Amarcy Berry (amarcyb@...) invites you to share your insight:

<b>How has your business weathered the recession?</b>
<b>December 11, 2009:</b> Are you a business owner? Do you have a story to tell
about how your business has weathered the recession?
Here at Marketplace we often report on jobs, layoffs, the federal stimulus
package's impact on businesses, reduced access to credit, and businesses'
relationships with their customers.
If you own a business (no matter the size), your insights can help us report on
these topics -- and maybe even help us discover new stories to tell. Fill out
this form to share what you know.

Amarcy Berry's Note
Excellent way of letting the media know there are other ways to run a successful
business besides bailouts.


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