Alternate Resolution on Shelter in Place Orders to Consider (LPC)

I like this language, Brent. I think it's well written and provides a bit more justification for what we are saying while retaining the basic message expressed in Richard's original proposal, that the party opposes the lockdowns.

  On the "authority" sentence, I would offer the following language as a possible alternative that avoids the issues people have raised with it as written:

"Governor Gavin Newsom and his administration are wrongfully dictating what individuals can and cannot do with their own bodies and property, and impeding travel and trade upon which people's livelihoods, and in some cases their lives, depend."

  One small error I noticed in the alternate resolution: In "We, the Libertarian Party of California, supports..." there should not be an "s" after "support".

  I would also recommend putting the word "mandatory" before the word "bureaucratic" in the final sentence, just to make it flow better.

  I somewhat prefer the version that's not in "standard resolution format" with all the Whereas clauses, but I think either way works.

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