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Good video:

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The website is a good source of One Bay Area information.

My concern is that the plan implementation is indeed being carried out with voter's input via the "meetings" (where the presenters say "your input is important to us...") and via the ballot box (the housing trust passed, and Scott Wiener's tiny apartments are being welcomed with open arms).

Removing ourselves from ABAG might stunt further planning, but seems to me the train has left that station


Since we first met at the LP business meeting, the repeal of SB375 is still at the forefront of my interest. And I still think it can be a galvanizing issue that, along with the reopening of the Von Mises Institute, can align the LP with other liberty minded interests. But so far, we are nowhere near the political machine we need to be. Hopefully we can keep moving in that direction.

I am with you 100% on those two issues. I am only expressing my concern that SB375 was the starting point, which spawned a gazillion tentacles. While we are focused on Sb375, the tiny apartments are being planned, the car lanes are being removed, the developers are salivating over the prospects of building all that taxpayer subsidized green construction. I have been posing the question as to what to do about the tentacles that grew from SB375, but are independent of it.


SB375 is one of the funding vehicles bringing money from outside of local control. It's hard to stop something when its money comes from extra-regional taxpayer sources. Washington DC becomes the principle real estate developer, funding "commissions" , "boards", and "committees" to pacify opposition and get people "on board" the train.

I'll cc to Heather. She has the best ideas as to the most sensitive points of the money pipeline.

The way to stop SB375 is to repeal it, but that won’t happen. So the other
way is to get your local municipalities to drop out of the regional COG,
ABAG. That will kill the whole plan right there.

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Well, I am now looking at Props C and E passed nov 9 as our local funding vehicles, not the CA state bill SB 375, but I could be wrong. I believe our difference of opinion comes from your perception that all this Plan Bay Area activity comes from our officials trying to abide by SB375; while my perception is that the bill is being used as an excuse to promote the social engineering agenda that will move forward with or without SB375.

However, as I said, I am behind you 100% in any effort to repeal the bill, or get us out of ABAG.