Airport Security


Welcome to our merry band of libertarians! I hope you make it to a
monthly meeting.

Many libertarians believe the airport problems (long lines, police
state tactics, stealing nail files, and fear of terrorism) would be
easily solved by getting rid of the 9/11 security additions and,
instead, allowing passengers, flight attendants, and others to be

Sound reasonable?

Let me know if you wish to discuss further with me and others over a meal.

Best, Michael


I would love to discuss it and many other topics over a meal. Lunch
is best (in the (Financial District especially). I work very long
hours (usually around 90 hours a week at the office), so I'm pretty
flexible with the timing.

Although it may seem so because it was the first question I asked on
the board, I'm really not all that obsessed with the airport security
issue - only in the sense that it represents yet another expansion of
the State. I'm much more interested in Tax policy, deregulation,
private property rights, and the 2nd amendment.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

-Derek Jensen