Ahmed Mohamed: We Know He’s “Not a Muslim Terrorist” How? Clock Bomb a Hoax . . . or Dry Run?

There is much more to this story than the mainstream media headlines reveal.

This is not a problem of Islamophobia, its a problem of ignorance. When there is enough ignorance that there are several persons so stupid, they believe the fabrication looks like a bomb, then there is an ignorant mob.
It's also a problem with the schools, when the schools have become the centers of ignorance. Any teacher who thought the fabrication looked like a bomb, is too ignorant of the world we live in and should be fired.
A delusion is the belief that something is not what it is is and that it is something else. Delusions go hand-in-hand with ignorance and paranoia. So it is a problem when there are people who don't know and can't see what the real world is.

You are missing the point too. I am convinced it was just a clock and also that it was intentionally made to look like a bomb to trick school officials to react and then draw media attention to the supposed wrongful harassment of an "innocent" child so that then his media-seeking dad could spout off in the limelight. The dad was behind the whole hoax. Guaranteed. Read the WHOLE article.

I got that...so what?
The dad say's "These people are really stupid; so stupid they will believe that circuit-boards-in-a-suitcase is a bomb."
"Then not only are they stupid, they are paranoid and delusional; so stupid, paranoid, and delusional, they will go to war behind blatant lies and obvious warmonger-racketeering, killing and maiming tens of thousands of themselves and others, while putting themselves in prison and $19 trillion in debt."
"Then in a presidential debate, the brother of the warmonger will say "...he kept us safe" and only Donald Trump will deny it, while every one, but Rand Paul of the other 15 aspiring leaders, either believes the lie and/or is is too cowardly to speak against it."
"And of all the candidates only Donald Trump mentioned the $19 trillion debt and being less safe for it"
I think the dad makes a good point, even if his methods are over-the-top or his message is unclear.
How else do you reach people who are so f'n stupid? Aborigines would be harder to "trick". Aborigines would say, "I don't know what that is"
But only ignorant, paranoid, delusional hysterical people would say, "That's a bomb." and then double-down on it, with a criticism of the dad, instead of an inquiry into their ignorant, paranoid,delusional hysteria...after it they learned they were wrong.