Agenda Item: LPSF Rally Participation

Hi Michael E.,

We have space for this subject under the Agenda Item "Political Candidates Report". I can extend the 5 minutes currently allotted. Maybe Starchild and/or Phil can let us know ahead of time if they would be interested in looking into being speakers.

When Mike D. posted the announcement earlier, I tried to find some information on the Rally on the Internet. I see the announcement on Daily Paul, which indicated speakers (Ron Paul, Matt Gonzalez, and others) would be in attendance. However, I am not sure that it is Ron Paul who is presenting this event; and I can't figure out who is.
As described on the Daily Paul, this is a Rally in favor of "Non-intervention", or anti-war. Do you, or anyone on this list have further information?

Nevertheless, you are correct, it would be great for LPSF to participate, which means commitment from some of us to being there.




this is the Face Book site for the rally with a little more information. It is
also Labor Day weekend so it may have or may not have more attendance because of
the holiday...???

It states it's supposed to be about non-intervention which is why I am guessing
Matt Gonzalez will be there with John Dennis and Ron Paul...

Ron Getty

Thank you, Ron.