Agenda Item, etc.

In that case I think I have both stamps.

      ((( starchild )))


  I'll try to bring the rubber stamps. There's a whole box of binders
and other stuff, so since I expect to ride my bike to the meeting, I
probably won't bring those. Anyone who's driving down there would be
welcome to stop by and pick them up (and give me a ride to the
meeting, if you have room). But if there are any other particularly
urgent materials I could carry relatively easily along with the
stamps, feel free to let me know.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Okay, try to stuff as much in a backpack as you can between this and the
next meeting, and maybe we'll get the whole box transferred by June.

Otherwise, if there's an evening when you know you'll be available, I
can bring my little shopping cart with me on Muni to the Castro one
evening this week. I assume it's a standard "banker box" that would fit
in my milk-crate-sized shopping cart.

Starchild wrote:

Knowing how spontaneous Starchild is (good for him!), I am not volunteering to count on a day he will be home and I could use my car to pick up the boxes. But, if carrying the boxes in a shopping cart proves too challenging for Rob, I am wondering if *maybe* the nice folks at the LPSF mail box place would mind accepting the boxes from Starchild, calling me, and I will pick up the boxes in my car withing 24 hours of their call. This suggestion because as I recall Starchild lives very close to the LPSF mail box place.