Agenda Item, etc.

1. At minimum, I'd like to put some people on moderation. As a
default, nobody who is an activist and regularly attends meetings should
be put on moderation. But I've never met the worst offenders, which
means that they've not been to an LPSF meeting in at least two years, so
I tend to wonder what their purpose is for being on our list. Since I
personally know someone who pretends to be a Democrat or a Republican to
go trolling on their lists to make mischief (I frankly wish he'd spend
his time on more productive interests, but there's no talking him out of
it), it doesn't seem like much of a stretch for me to believe that some
people are doing the same to us. Anyway, I'll add it to the agenda
(which, BTW, will be posted just as soon as I finish this mailing to
lapsed members that I promised Ron I'd get out this weekend).

2. I only have one of those brochures left. So, it's time to order
more. I can also print some more adhesive labels like I did for the
last batch, but I'm wondering if we might not want to just invest in one
of those little pre-inked stamp gadgets to put our name, address, phone
number, and web address on. It would only be B&W instead of having
Liberty in blue on a red GG Bridge, like our current adhesive labels,
but it would be easier. Again, I'll add this to our agenda. I think we
should authorize the purchase of 1500, so we can get the discount.
Unlike the posters, buying a couple years' worth of these brochures
isn't a huge burden on whomever stores our inventory for us.

Amarcy D. Berry wrote:

Hi Rob,

1. We used to have an LPSF stamp! Anyone out there has it? I looked in my stuff, and do not see it. Another alternative would be those little sticky labels you can get very economically.

2. Huuuuummmmm... let's discuss 1,500 brochures : - )

3. Thank you for putting the Discussion list challenge on the Agenda. I will vote against moderating, as I always do, since I do not wish for anyone to not only mess up our list, but waste our time moderating them too. But I have nothing against advising anyone whom we deem not courteous that we are restricting the list, and they no longer qualify. Although this is such an arbitrary and perhaps irrational action, I think something needs to be done. Blocking from receiving e-mails does not cure the problem that because if discourtesy it appears some people have stopped active posting.


I think there were two LPSF rubber stamps. I have one of them.
Probably would make more sense for one of you two to have it.

      ((( starchild )))

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