Agenda for This Saturday's Meeting

Hi All. Here's the agenda for our February meeting this Saturday. For
those who volunteered to check out a credit union, please report your
findings on Saturday. For our Tax Day/4th Annual Panel Discussion, a
collaboration with the Greens is definitely out, since Barry was the only
Green interested in doing it with us, and his response to emails has been
spotty, so I don't want to work on an event with an unreliable panelist.
So after 2 months, we're back to square zero for Tax Day (or whatever we
call the event). Other possibilities are topics like sanctuary cities,
interest in California seceding since Trump was elected (and it will fade
the moment the Democrats get back in the White House), or any other ideas
you might come up with. Key is getting a good speaker or set of panelists,
and I'm out of ideas on that one. It's rather late in the season to start
planning something for April, so we could move it back a little if need
be. Also, since there is no election this year, that eliminates the
attention we usually pull in over the ballot measures, so I want to make
sure our Tax Day/Panel Discussion is a successful event for the LPSF.
Please give it some serious thought and bring your specific ideas to the

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda: Saturday, February 11, 2017

Meeting Location: San Francisco Main Library – 4th Floor Conference Room

1. Welcome – Introductions 3:05-3:10

2. Activist Reports 3:11-3:30

3. Announcements 3:31-3:40

4. Membership/Newsletter Report 3:41-3:45

5. Treasurer’s Report (Bank & PayPal) 3:46-3:55

6. Pride 2017 3:56-4:05

7. Change to Credit Union 4:06-4:20

8. Tax Day 2017/4th Annual Panel Discussion 4:21-5:00


P.S. Nick, if you could please post the agenda to the website under
"Meetings," that would be great.

I think immigration is an excellent and very important issue for us, so I'll second Francoise's interest in Sanctuary Cities as a topic.

  However I also looked into the local Green Party's meeting schedule, and they have meetings coming up next Wednesday (2/15) and the following Wednesday (2/22). The first meeting is a central committee meeting, the second a general membership meeting. I will try to attend one or both of these and explore the possibility of co-hosting an event with the Greens in which we try to find common ground for joint activism around some issue or issues. If you'd like to join me in attending, please let me know (see for locations and other details).

  I'm still personally interested in encouraging California independence, extreme long shot as it is, but somewhat less sanguine about the prospects for fruitful coalition-building with the left around that issue. Last night I attended a meeting of an atheist group called Godless Perverts at the coffee shop Wicked Grounds. Usually it's a discussion/social group, but last night's gathering was devoted to protecting gender rights and sexual freedom under Trump. I brought up the independence issue in the most innocuous way possible, simply asking if anyone knew about or was working with local organizing efforts on it, and received a decidedly unfavorable response. The moderators were also rather heavy-handed in running the meeting and shutting down any deviating opinions. When, in response to another participant recommending working with the Democrats as "the only opposition party", I expressed a negative view of the "two-party cartel", and said Clinton hardly offered us much of a choice, moderator Greta Christina curtly interrupted, saying "I'm going to stop you right there", and I was barely able to explain that I wasn't claiming Trump was better than Clinton. When she subsequently summarily cut off any discussion of the California independence issue after another person reacted negatively to my bringing it up (invoking the specter of "Jefferson Davis" without my even using the word "secession"!), I decided the meeting was a waste of my time and walked out.

  Right-wingers saying things like this are also sadly likely, whether intentionally or from political cluelessness, to dampen any enthusiasm for California seceding among the left-leaning majority:
Angry Voter replied on February 8, 2017 - 8:49am (

Please vote to secede—that way we deplorables who rejected another liberal crook politician can keep you idiots contained in the upholstered toilets you call CA cities. A piece of advice—stay in CA-but if you come out from your liberal ghettos, don’t tell anyone you’re a Berkeley grad—dangerous considering the millions of Americans who hate you and your families and the laughable hypocritical bastions of free speech. And someone please tell the little dwarf no-one believes him as anything other as a buffoon seeking his last measure of glory before sinking into the depths of history’s moronic public servant and academician junk pile other than the fascist faculty and academic sheep who have no capacity to think after drinking the steady diet of liberal fascist propaganda served by professors who couldn’t get a job in the real world. PLEASE SECEDE—my tax dollars can be better used elsewhere.

  Personally I think we have plenty of time to plan something between now and April, but let's discuss backup plans Saturday in case doing something with the Greens doesn't pan out. Thanks as always for the agenda, Aubrey!

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

I think you’re wasting your time thinking about California seceding for several reasons.


If California can secede from the Union, then logically counties ought to be able to secede from California. Trump and the Republicans may not be popular in the coastal fringe, but inland he carried quite a few counties. Seceders would be hypocrites, if they deny counties that do not want to secede from the Union the right to secede from California.

I remember a few years back when Quebec voted on seceding from Canada. The people who live in northern Quebec who are mostly native Americans and not francophone Quebecois said they would demand to secede from Quebec so as to remain in Canada.


There is absolutely no reason to believe that the hand of government from Sacramento would be any less heavy than that from Washington DC. If anything the big spenders and crazed regulators are even more out of control in Sacto than in DC.

I agree Leslie….the whole secession movement will disappear with the next Democrat in the White House.


Hi All. Thanks, All, for your thoughts and doing the "homework" on the
credit unions. I was going to contact you, Les, about trying to locate the
federal ID tax number, but since you've already looked for it and couldn't
find it, then I agree the next step is to contact B of A. I had already
tried Marcy and she doesn't have the number. Do you mind calling the bank
to see what the procedure is for getting it from them? I once tried to
call them about something, and they wouldn't even talk to me, even though I
have signing authority, over all that confidentiality business. I expect
that a trip down to the Castro branch will be necessary during business
hours, and I don't mind doing it, as long as I know I can get the federal
tax ID number from them at that time. It would be too easy if they would
just give you the tax ID number over the phone!

Starchild, I wouldn't waste time with the Greens as I already tried to work
with them, and clearly Barry was the only one interested in working with
us. And he is unpredictable and unreliable--remember how 2 years ago he
showed up suddenly at the panel discussion at the last minute wanting to be
one of the panelists even though he had pooped out months before? I would
be happy to work with them on an issue we agree on (and there are plenty of
them), but it's hopeless to bother with them for the Tax Day event, though
I did tell Barry in my last email that I would advise him of the final
details and we would invite the Greens to be part of the audience (and not
the panel). Actually there isn't a lot of time to plan an event for April
as we need to round up some good panelists now, and a lot of publicizing
and getting the word out is necessary for a good turnout. Either that or a
name (or names) panelist(s).


Hi Aubrey and Les,

I am a little concerned about your not finding the papers on the IRS EIN filing. These papers should be part of the Treasurer's records. You never knw when the IRS is going to raise some kind of fuss and ask for those papers.

Les, when you were in the hospital and I briefly took care of the treasury a couple of years ago, I saw in one of your folders the documents I gave you to keep in the IRS EIN filing. You had several neatly kept folders, and those papers were in one of them. At the time, the LPSF had a savings account, which was closed. Maybe you could have put all those old records away somewhere?



The folder you are referring to was for the San Francisco Libertarian Campaign Committee.

This entity has been dissolved as no one wanted to use it and, anyway, the Libertarian Party of San Francisco is per se a campaign committee so there was nothing to be gained by setting up another entity. The number of that entity is NOT the EIN for the LPSF.

I agree that this should be part of the treasurer’s records, but……apparently someone mislaid it and it is not in any records that were given to me when I became treasurer of the LPSF.

I did talk to Kirk Yee this afternoon and he verified (sort of) that the LPSF can become a member of the credit union. He gave me a list of documents that we will need to open an account.

Letter from IRS assigning an EIN to LPSF

Copy of bylaws or charter

Formal notice of organization for California Political Body.

Copy of resolution or minutes authorizing the opening of an account.

I have never heard of 3 before and I have no idea what it is.

I do not have any such document.


I agree that this should be part of the treasurer’s records,
but……apparently someone mislaid it and it is not in any records that
were given to me when I became treasurer of the LPSF.



Thank you, Chris.


I agree that this should be part of the treasurer’s records,
but……apparently someone mislaid it and it is not in any records that
were given to me when I became treasurer of the LPSF.



Hi All. Indeed there's no need to push the panic button since we cannot
locate our federal ID tax number at the moment. We're not the first person
or organization to misplace the letter giving us the needed number--and we
won't be the last. As Chris' link indicates, there are ways to get it
again. I guess calling the IRS itself would be the last thing to resort
to--unless one has hours to kill.

Thanks, Les, for obtaining additional information from the credit union.
I'm thinking that the third item listed might be something I could get from
the state LP party or at least something that they might know about. If
you have time today, maybe you could give me a call at work at 650-872-6528
ext. 205 with all the secret passwords and information B of A might ask me,
and I'll give the Castro branch a call to see if they are in a cooperative