"Affordable property bus tour" (Sat. Aug. 24)

Coincidentally with our recent filings of ballot arguments against the latest ill-advised housing measures Prop. A and Prop. E on the November ballot, I just picked up a postcard advertising an "affordable property bus tour" happening this Saturday, August 24, and thought some here might find this of interest just as a kind of political fact-finding expedition, even if you aren't looking to buy a place.

  I've long been curious exactly how they dole out all these subsidized housing units, what hoops you have to jump through to get into one, etc. Anyway, the bus tour is apparently being offered by a group called HomeownershipSF (government or non-profit, I'm not sure).

  The postcard advertises, "Tour affordable properties for sale and learn about assistance programs"; and says the tour will be "Including Below Market Rate properties like MIRA!" (not sure what MIRA is). It further advises, "Contact us to be notified about the details", and gives an email address to which I just sent a note, info@..., and a phone number, (415) 202-5464.

  I may or may not take the bus tour depending on the details, but is anyone else interested? Could be informative...

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))