Adios First Amendment

I don't know what's more disturbing -- the thuggish behavior of the police as described by the victims of this police predation (and their neighbors!). . . or replies such as this in the comments:

"What ever happened to complying with the orders of a police officer? You don�t walk away from the police when they are talking to you, especially when they are responding to a complain about YOU. You don�t refuse to show them your ID and you have no right to �self defense� if you are being forcibly detained! Just because you ducked inside your house doesn�t mean you are suddenly �immune� or have the �right� to not be confronted by the police. The police had every power to surround the house with weapons drawn and fire tear gas inside."

America is looking more and more like Europe every day. How ironic, since this country was originally an idea conceived in opposition to the European concept of the omnipresent state.

It also underscores the dangers of ignoring the pieces of the Constitution that you don't like. If Ron Paul can ignore the Full Faith and Credit clause, the Equal Protection Clause, and the Fourteenth Amendment -- and be hailed as a "constitutionalist" -- what's to keep local governments from ignoring the First and Fourth Amendments?