Activism, Uncensored: Are Black 2nd Amendment Advocates the Ultimate Taboo?

This looks promising


Michael F Denny
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Speaking of “no coverage zones” …Reportedly, Nudist/Naturist #1stAmendment Activists * ( of all melanin quotients — high & low ) are OFFICIALLY the “Ultimate Taboo,” according to #TheTemps — Frau @angela4LNCChair & Herr Chris Mendes @SanFranciscoLP, but THANKFULLY, Libertarian-In-Chief @ToddHagopian @LPNational Treasurer & @OklahomaLP Treasurer is not such a bigot.

Maybe Chris can set up a zoom meeting, after the zoom with #snowFlake Angela McArdle ( who, à la dimwit dems, must block folks whose rational principled streetwise common sense winning advocacy positions — embraced by prominent leaders in Her own party — because She does’t have a single rational mature educated counter argument underneath all those blonde locks ), with economist LP Treasurer Todd Hagopian to find out how to build the SFLP warchest & help attract & fund some credible principled candidates to help grow the SFLP sooner rather than later ( than another set of mid-term elections ).

  • Christians et al simply ( profoundly ) want to emulate Christ’s et al’s values (see: Giotto di Bondone’s “Baptism of Christ” ) which do not deamonize God’s Creation: