Active? Shaping the vision and strategy


You asked about "active".
This is a project I'm working on.

The American Legion has picked the one student from each high school they thought would be the "Heavy Hitter" to defend what they had fought for in WW I, and preserve the America they knew. This program continues to this day, even while our government today is not the same government of 1931. It would be the enemy of that government.

Nevertheless we have a situation and I am building the network of former delegates to align as broad a coalition as possible and to conduct the remedy.

I apologize for not composing a comprehensive outline of the project but the correspondence below should help give you a picture.

You just gave me a good idea but I can't remember what it was. It has to do with Manning, his trial, jury nullification, and putting the government on trial.

Now I'm remembering. The Freedom Torch Parade is not about Manning's guilt or innocence. It's about Manning's freedom while the government is clearly guilty. Everybody knows the government is guilty. A Manning prosecution is as abhorrent as punishing the homeowner for the burglar's injury.

And especially when the burglar was not injured, only exposed. Imagine the burglar's lawyers suing the homeowner for defamation for exposing burglar's crimes. and then the state would imprison and punish the homeowner It gives scumbags new meaning.

Hiding the scumbags behind nefarious due process in Manning's trial is disgusting and is emblematic of the big government strategies that have beaten liberty into servitude.

It is only that people would tolerate this sort of despicable behavior that they richly deserve the conditions they have. I hope you can help remedy this situation, as, I wrote to John Caldera, Commander of the SF American Legion Post to acknowledge his support of Bradley Manning:

"Naturally, this is not without controversy. But from the view-point of this 1970

Boy's State delegate, Bradley Manning was defending both the
Constitution and the interests of decent people. It could be that we
have already lost what the founders of Boy's State were hoping to
preserves. But not without a fight from me. It is no less than my sacred duty to the veterans who selected me. They
were counting on me to look after their interests when they were gone.

I will gladly take-on anyone who feels differently, in an ethical,

historical, or philosophical discussion. It will not be by procedure, we become the enemy we fought.

WWI was to be the War to End All Wars and the Legion did not want to

have fought in vain, against the advances of totalitarian socialism and
the police state. I'm sure I don't need to belabor this point.