Action plan

I'm sticking to the union <>
Las Vegas Review Journal
by Vin Suprynowicz
"Despite all this, though, the underlying premise of unionization still
makes sense -- and is still guaranteed under the right to free
association. A group, working together, can get a better deal for
everyone, than if each individual is stuck negotiating for himself. That
said, I hereby invite organized labor to undertake an enterprise far
more useful than any they've been up to lately: launch the International
Brotherhood of Drug War Victims. What's the sales pitch for joining and
-- in the case of those who can afford it -- paying sizable dues into
our new war chest? Simple: Our freedom-hating, pain-loving War on Drugs
depends on the tactic of 'overcharging,' and then offering attractive
deals -- reduced charges, easier sentences -- in exchange for guilty
pleas. Fewer than 5 percent of all drug cases ever go to trial. Again,
the drug war depends on this -- if every drug arrest led to a trial, the
courts would be so swamped that some defendants couldn't be scheduled
for trial dates for many years into the future. Their attorneys could
then win complete dismissal of all charges based on the violation of the
constitutional right to a speedy trial." (01/01/06)