ACTION ITEM - Stop SF assault on e-cigarettes and smokeless vaporizers (Board of Supervisors hearing this Thursday, 2pm!)

I agree -- calls to action are much better when they include this kind of detail, especially who to lobby and how to contact them. Thanks David! I'm passing your message along and will try to attend the hearing. It's ridiculous to lump vaporizers and e-cigarettes under anti-smoking laws, because they do not emit smoke! Even to the extent arguments about the dangers of secondhand smoking may be valid (which is still debated), those arguments do not apply here.

  I think some politicians are worried that e-cigarettes may work TOO WELL at enabling people to stop smoking. After all, governments make more money from the sale of a pack of cigarettes nowadays than the manufacturer of that pack of cigarettes does! Not only is this an absurdity of Alice-In-Wonderland proportions, it also gives government officials reason to want people to keep smoking, incentivizing them to discourage anti-smoking campaigns, products, etc., that are too effective because it would mean less money going into their coffers. It's always important to consider what incentives are being created by laws and policies.

  For those who can't make the hearing (or even if you can), please consider taking a minute to write to the members of the Board of Supervisors' Rules Committee listed below, and copy the clerk so that your communication is included in the file for the proposed ordinance (that sounds like a good tip for any time we write to the Board about a particular piece of legislation).

  Here also are the three board members' phone numbers:

Eric Mar - (415) 554-1710
David Campos - (415) 554-5144
Katy Tang - (415) 554-7460

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