ACTION ITEM - Starchild for School Board - Support needed now in mock vote!

Well, the election is six days away, and my campaign for School Board is drawing to a close. I haven't asked you for money (and haven't gotten it for the most part, though a big thank you to the few who have contributed!). Some of you may be scarcely aware I've been running for office. However I could use your help in the final stretch of my campaign with two easy things.

  First and most importantly, there is an online mock vote for school board candidates happening at in which I'm trailing and would appreciate your vote.

  As of 2:00 a.m., the current tallies among the twelve candidates for the San Francisco Board of Education are:

Larry Kane Mock Votes: 276
Eric Mar Mock Votes: 236
Heather Hiles Mock Votes: 223
Jill Wynns Mock Votes: 201
David Weiner Mock Votes: 187
Jane Kim Mock Votes: 184
Mark Sanchez Mock Votes: 182
Norman Yee Mock Votes: 172
James Calloway Mock Votes: 91
Jim Ferrigno Mock Votes: 83
----> Starchild Mock Votes: 52
Joel Springer III Mock Votes: 29

  We know that any Libertarian running for office is fighting an uphill fight, but with your help I can do a lot better in this online poll than 52 votes! Especially since you don't have to live in SF to participate. Up to four votes are allowed, but I'm urging people to bullet-vote for me unless you're really impressed with one of the others. I've found many of them to be very likable on a personal level, especially Mark Sanchez, Jane Kim and Eric Mar, but their positions leave much to be desired. Joel Springer and Larry Kane may be the most libertarian of the bunch, but that's not saying much.

  The site is also worth checking out in its own right. You can learn about all the candidates, including who's endorsed us, contrast our views on the issues, etc. It's getting a good amount of traffic due to being mentioned in the SF Chronicle and at the various candidate forums that the sponsors have held. So an impressive showing in the mock vote could help me gain credibility and support for the real vote, even if some people figure out I've been bringing in out-of-town support. 8)

  The second thing I'd like from each of you -- assuming you support my candidacy -- is an email with your personal endorsement. Nothing fancy, just "I endorse Starchild for School Board," and a brief statement if you feel like it. Please do include your full name and any nice titles, affiliations, or credentials you may have, especially if they're education-related. Whether or not you live in San Francisco, having a good list of people who've supported my candidacy will help in any future efforts long after this election is history. And if you do live in SF, please note the district or neighborhood you live in.

  Finally -- if you want to go the extra mile, and I'm not asking you to -- a letter to the editor and/or feedback to a broadcast media outlet asking that they cover my campaign would be awesome. The email addresses of some SF media outlets are listed below. Don't hesitate to mention that I'm an escort and exotic dancer -- it's already public knowledge anyway, and I believe it will help more than hurt, especially in terms of getting media attention. I never did quite get my own website together unfortunately, but you can refer to the SchoolBoardMatters site for more info about my positions on the issues if you need ammo to write something to the media on my behalf.

  Thank you very much for your support, and for everything else you are doing for the cause of liberty. Together we can, and will, achieve a free society. It's only a question of when.

For the children,
        <<< Starchild >>>
      Candidate for School Board
            Real Reform in 2004!

P.S. - I saw Channel 7 anchor Cheryl Jennings at a District 11 debate tonight she was moderating and gave her a piece of my mind on the mainstream media not covering the LP. She said she'd never heard of Michael Badnarik. Is that f-----g outrageous, or what?!

P.P.S. - I also got the endorsement of Myrna Lim, one of the District 11 candidates for Supervisor! She seems like the best of the bunch on the issues, and I am recommending a vote for her as well.

P.P.P.S. - Please forward this message to freedom lovers far and wide!

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