ACTION ITEM Re: [lpsf-discuss] Getting the LP back on track - what can be done


My taste says go with a new party, perhaps Knapp's Boston Tea Party (awful name!), with its like-minded people, rather than be mired in the LP's constant bickering, feuding, temper tantrums, power plays, with one-step-forward and one-step-back.

Yes, every group will have it's disagreements. However, I prefer to avoid the major libertarian policy disagreements we have with National and State LPs.

Best, Michael


  Do you have any reason to believe that the Boston Tea Party, or some other libertarian party, would not be subject to what you characterize as the bickering, feuding, temper tantrums, power plays, one-step-forward/one-step-back, major policy disagreements, etc., of the libertarian party we have now? I think this kind of thing happens in most if not all political groups of any significant size, so before switching to a new party because of such factors, I would suggest:

(1) Figuring out exactly *why* these things are happening in the Libertarian Party
(2) Designing a viable plan to prevent the same kinds of things from happening in a new party
(3) Making sure the people you're thinking about forming a new party with are on the same page as yourself regarding #2

  Otherwise it could just be the start of a long project to reinvent the square wheel.

Love & liberty,
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