Action Item: Prop A article in Examiner

Hi All,

I read the article "Dollars to Cronuts" in today's Examiner and posted my comment while having breakfast this morning; it did not cost anything and took me 10 minutes of my time. Please post your comment on Proposition A. Fact-based positive comments are always best.


Hi Marcy and Richard! I posted my three cents worth this time. I liked this article better than the last two--we should continue to try and support Joel as much as possible, since I don't see anyone else in the public eye asking these kinds of questions about the scope of city government.


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the "like". My number is 415 586-6214. At your convenience.


Hi Aubrey,

I saw your post -- good and supportive. I also saw Starchild's - with friends like that Joel does not need any enemies!

I cannot visualize the Examiner having the fortitude to print anything but politically neutral left leaning pap, so encouraging the newspaper to keep any reporter that digs deeper than that should be an LPSF strategy, IMHO.