ACTION ITEM - Michael Badnarik gaining on George Bush in NBC online poll - vote early & often!

Since repeat voting is permitted, why doesn't someone with an hour to
spare keep voting for Michael? This would put him in the lead. (I'll
vote as often as I can.)

> From: "Y. Kelly" <ykellydsl@...>
> Date: Wed Aug 4, 2004 3:47:15 PM US/Pacific
> To: "Badnarik2004" <>,
> <>
> Subject: [badnarik2004] 537 votes to catch Dubya.........
> Wouldn't you love to see Mike the leader in one poll?
> Mike is now within 537 votes of Dubya! (39% to 34%). Kerry's in


> dust
> in our rear-view miror.
> Please participate in this poll! Repeat voting *is* allowed!
> Please pass
> it on to your friends and associates too.
> Look on the right-hand column to vote. That will then take

you to