ACTION ITEM - Make a quick phone call to help ensure people can register to vote Libertarian

Who is more likely to be motivated to register Libertarian than a person who is being directly deprived of his or her liberty by the powerful law enforcement apparatus of the State?

  Please take a minute to call Gary Wion of the California Correction Standards Authority at (916) 445-5073 -- preferably before his board meets at 1pm tomorrow afternoon to discuss inmate voting -- and let him know you want people being held in county jails to be:

(a) informed of their right to vote;
(b) given access to voter registration cards to be delivered to county elections officials;
(c) informed of, and given access to, the means of requesting absentee ballots; and
(d) given the means of confidentially casting absentee ballots and having them returned in a timely manner to elections officials

  More details, including email addresses for Mr. Wion and an additional person to contact, in the original message below.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))