ACTION ITEM - Call/write & attend 9am hearing tomorrow (Fri.) morning - keep marijuana dispensary from being shut down!

NIMBY neighbors are trying to get the city to give a pot club on 22nd and Guerrero Street the boot. Supervisor Bevan Dufty is apparently leading this effort. Please come out tomorrow (Friday) morning to support the Green Cross! More information and history below, including the role of a bar ironically named "Liberties."

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On July 15th at 9am in City Hall room 400, the City's Zoning Administrator, Larry Badiner, will hold a Zoning Administrator Hearing to consider requesting revocation of building permit.

We are asking all neighbors who are concerned about the Green Cross to attend the hearing, and share your perspective about the impact the business has had on the neighborhood.

Please continue to send letters of support to Bevan Dufty's office or send your testimony to Amanda Kahn@...!

June 15, 2005
Calling All Patients!
The Green Cross Needs Your Help!

District Supervisor Bevan Dufty is backing efforts to revoke our permit! Let him know how we have affected your life and made it more positive! Write, call, or e-mail him to help save The Green Cross!

Bevan Dufty
c/o City Hall
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244
San Francisco, CA 94102-4689
(415) 554-6968 - voice
(415) 554-6909 - fax

DATE: July 13, 2005
RE: July 15th Public Hearing, A Cry for Help

I hope you receive this letter in the spirit of camaraderie with which it is being sent. My name is Rachel Sierra. I am a 54 year old Chicana that became a member of The Green Cross earlier this year after a car accident left me with incredible back pain. A couple of weeks ago I became aware of the challenges faced by the club as a small but vocal minority group of neighborhood residents insist the club be closed. Never mind that the Green Cross is one of 2 or 3 clubs in SF that operates as a non-profit. Never mind that it is one of 2 or 3 clubs in SF that has gone thru all of the steps to secure legal permits, following the instructions provided about providing notices to neighbors as required. Never mind that the club has addressed/remedied every single one of the concerns raised by neighbors. Never mind the club has their staff clean-up the surrounding area, and has increased security measures in order to ensure members respect neighbors and avoid problems such as double-parking.

At some point during the last few weeks you may have sent Kevin a copy

I'm headed down there now... anyone else? My cell phone is 368-8657 if you want to touch base.

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