ACTION ITEM - Call/email Costco about banning concealed carry in stores

Actually I wasn't asking for the LP as an organization to condemn
Costco anti-firearms policy. I don't think it really rises to that
level. I do think that we as individual libertarians should pressure
Costco to rescind their policy. In the case of the Boy Scouts, I think
that any statements from the party supporting their freedom of
association should have made it clear that we disapprove of their
anti-gay discrimination at the same time.

Yours in liberty,
        <<< Starchild >>>

  The difference is that the *legal right* of Costco to prohibit people
from carrying firearms is not under attack, while the legal right of
the Boy Scouts to ban gays *is* under attack. We should stand up for
the *legal right* of both organizations to discriminate under the
principle of freedom of association, but that does not mean we should
condone bad rules themselves. And when the anti-libertarian rules of
NGO are *not* in legal jeopardy, there is no reason why we should not
act pragmatically in the interests of our cause. Even Voltaire did not
go so far as to say, "I may not agree with what you say, but I will
defend your right to say it even when that right is not in question."

Fair enough. But, if I understand you correctly, you are asking for the
party to condemn Costo's legal, but unwanted behavior. So I have to
ask, what did the party do to condemn the Boy Scout's legal, but
homophobic behavior?

-- Steve

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