ACTION ITEM - Call and lobby key GOP state Senators to hold the line on taxes!

The California legislature and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger are considering a budget package that includes tax increases. Let's stop this travesty of government greed before these taxes become one more burden on ordinary people already struggling in a tough economic climate. So far the Republicans in the legislature have held the line and refused to support a budget balanced on the backs of the people with new taxes (hey, even GOP elected officials do something positive once in a while!)

  Please call the following five Republican legislators who are reportedly seen as possible weak links in danger of going along with the Democrats and the governor in supporting a tax hike. Thank them for refusing to compromise their principles, and make it clear you expect them to continue doing so. Tell them if they support a budget that raises taxes you will hold them accountable! If you live in their district, be sure to let them know; otherwise I suggest not mentioning your location. If they ask you where you're calling from, you might say "I'll trade you that information for the Senator's email address." (Most of them now want to make you jump through the hoop of filling out a web form in order to send them email, so they'll probably be loathe to give it out!) Politicians accord more weight to calls from constituents.

Senator Dave Cogdill - (916) 651-4014

Senator Dennis Hollingsworth - (916) 651-4036

Senator Abel Maldonado - (916) 651-4015

Senator Dave Cox - (916) 651-4001

Senator Sam Aanestad - (916) 651-4004

  A woman I spoke with at Sen. Aanestad's office said he was definitely not voting for the tax increase budget under consideration. I asked who else it would be helpful to call, and she mentioned the Senate Democrat leader, Daryl Steinberg, and Senator Roy Ashburn, a Republican who may be wavering. Here are their numbers:

Senator Roy Ashburn - (916) 651-4018

Democrat Senate leader Daryl Steinberg - (916) 651-4006

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