ACTION ITEM - Assemblywoman Fiona Ma's health care survey


This is a great idea! I my opinion this is the best advice I have heard for along time. The only problem is it should most likely be done slowly on a stepwise basis - - - mostly to not scare people. Make two layers of medical practitioners, MD and practical physicians (PP - - - PPs would not be licensed and would be cheaper - - - etc. People would finally see that this would work and we could go the next step. Great idea though!

Best wishes for more freedom,

Robert Parkhurst

Dear Robert;

I have actually proposed doing something of that nature with a
physician-light program and the licensing of foreign trained medical
personnel. I wrote it as part of an op-ed I'm doing for the California
Libertarian Party Perspective. Which I hope goes out fairly soon. I
call it Healthcare Tough Love.

A major factor is with literally several thousands of Baby Boomer soon
to be retirees as trained medical personnel and there just aren't
enough qualified students entering the medical training pipeline.

So for the meantime look for an increased demand on existing medical
personnel and an increase in prices absent more medical personnel being
available so with the competition prices will fall.

I had to leave out the part about disbanding the FDA, repealing the HMO
Act of 1970 and repealing Medicaid and Medicare because California
can't make those happen let alone Fiona Ma. But I would include them as
part of the healthcare reform package.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian