ACTION ALERT: Tell ABC to Keep John Stossel as 20/20 Host

WHAT TO DO: Write a brief message in support of making John Stossel sole host of 20/20

  If someone asked me to name the world's most influential libertarian, I'd have a ready answer -- John Stossel. Since the conversion of ABC's 20/20 co-host (with Barbara Walters) to libertarianism around 1998, millions and millions of TV viewers have watched, and continue to watch, his in-depth special reports and short "Give Me A Break" segments go after government coercion from prostitution laws to agricultural subsidies.

  In the talk I just saw him give here in San Francisco as part of his book tour, John Stossel said his "Stossel in the Classroom" materials based on the shows are also now available in 25 percent of the high schools in the United States. That's right -- for those of you who haven't heard, Stossel has a new book out, called (what else?) "Give Me A Break."

  If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy (or get the audio version on CD, which he reads himself). It is *packed* with hard-core libertarian material, and he uses the l-word. Stossel isn't just libertarian-leaning, he's a full-on pro-freedom crusader, and he comes across as tremendously reasonable and persuasive -- as I'm sure you know if you watch him on TV. The book is just as good.

EXTRA TO-DO: Consider giving someone a copy of "Give Me A Break" as a gift.

  The release of this book, which I predict will be a major best-seller, coincides with Barbara Walters announcing her retirement from 20/20. Stossel told his audience that he would like to host the show himself, but he doesn't know what decision the ABC bosses will make.

  Therefore it's vital that libertarians make our voices heard in support of (1) keeping John Stossel on the air, (2) making him the sole host of 20/20, and (3) letting him do the show the way he wants to do it.

  We stand on the brink of either a major advance or a major setback. So please, take a couple minutes to do this! As the commercials used to say, "Now is the time, ABC is the place!" 8)

For liberty,
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P.S. - Below is the letter I sent, which you're free to borrow from, though you can probably do better: