Action Alert: HB to consider banning med pot dispensaries

The Huntington Beach Planning Commission will be holding
a public hearing on 8/14/07 at 7pm on the issue of
Banning medical marijuana dispensaries in HB.

This could go either way.

Your email could make the difference.

HB does not ask for and does not require your address.
The more communications they receive the better.

Here is where to send them:

To be included in the public record your email should be sent to Joan
Flynn the city Clerk whose address is:
Address this letter to the City Clerk regarding the Med Pot
Dispensaries public hearing.

In addition it should also be sent to the HB City Council
Email to this address will be re-directed to all 7 Huntington Beach
Council Members:
Address this letter to: Dear City Council Members.

P.S. Providing your address is unnecessary and only serves to identify
out of town senders.
It is recommended to NOT include your address information.
It IS recommended to flood the city clerk with emails in favor of your