Achtung Amerikans - Your Government Comes In Peace

Dear All;

As I have stated in previous postings there
are such things as FEMA Concentration
Camps or "Citizen Relocation Centers" strictly
for use - of course only - in natural disaster
of course only emergencies but along comes
this new bill introduced in the House

H.R. 645: National Emergency Centers
Establishment Act.

Ask Japanese-Americans what they think of the
kind benevolent government who used their tax
money to send the Army in to force them out of
their homes to relocation centers simply because
they were the wrong race at the wrong time -


Our kind benevolent government will do
whatever it can do to the people whenever
it can for however long it wants to and will
justify it actions - as for the good of the people.

This along with combat brigades being trained
for use domestically in the US - the same troops
who last were used in Iran to keep the peace
and spread democracy at bayonet and bullet

Read more about it at:

This along with:

Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and
Record of Sale Act of 2009

Time to get those rifles and handguns and
a couple cases of ammo soon.... if you
haven't already done so and store up
some extra long term food supplies and
find that cabin in the woods there's a
storm coming.

Please do note the sole single and exclusive
reason the 2nd Amendment was specifically
included in the US Constitution was so Americans
could be armed to rebel against the tyranny of
the government and fight back. Just like the
Founding Fathers did when they rebelled
and took up arms against their government
and threw the bums out...

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Alcee Hastings, an impeached former federal judge, is sponsoring this bill. He's always been a big proponent of the police state; but I predict the bill will never get through the House.