AccessSF/Libertarian Revolution

Hi All,

Responding to Arnel's e-mail to me of last Wednesday, I dropped by AccessSF today. I completed the renewal form for the Libertarian Revolution LPSF show and paid the $36 renewal fee.

Arnel refreshed my memory as to the rules (which I had forgotten about when we spoke of Morey bringing in tapes):

1. Anyone in our group can be a "Producer" and be able to make decisions on the show, bring in tapes, fill out forms, etc. However, BEFORE any of this can be done, the prospective producer must take the basic orientation course (which I took last year).

2. The producer can name ONE person who can bring in tapes. In the renewal application I completed today, I named Morey Straus, since he had volunteered to help with the show at the last LPSF meeting.

3. I asked Arnel if Phil Berg's name was still listed. Arnel said yes, but he could not guarantee that Phil could still manage the tapes, since Morey was now the assigned person. (So, maybe at the meeting we can all find out who has tapes, and who wants to do what).

4. Arnel said that the $36.00 annual membership is considered as paying for the "person's" membership, not the show's. If Access SF receives more than one check for $36.00, even though we have only one show, they would keep all checks received.

See you all tomorrow.