A Wave of the Watch List, and Speech Disappears


Adam Liptak, of The New York Times, reports: "Steve Marshall is an
English travel agent. He lives in Spain, and he sells trips to Europeans
who want to go to sunny places, including Cuba. In October, about 80 of
his Web sites stopped working, thanks to the United States government."

LPCA Needs Volunteer Researchers

If you enjoy finding political information using the Web and the telephone,
LPCA needs your volunteer efforts.

We need to know where the California Secretary of State's finalized primary
results are for the February Primary. We've already looked at the
"Up-to-date Election Results" link on the sos.ca.gov website, and that's
helpful but not really what we're looking for.

Can you do some Web and telephone research to find that information for us?
If so, contact Chair Kevin Takenaga and Secretary Beau Cain at
[chair@…, HYPERLINK
"mailto:secretary@…"secretary@…]. We're looking for the
data that ThirdPartyWatch used to reach their conclusions at