A View From The Inside Out

Dear Everyone;

From time to time over the past times I have given an URL for RiverBend a 30ish Iraqi woman who from time to time blogs from Baghdad on what is happening in Iraq. The current blog is on the Najaf fighting and the bombing of the Christian churches.

I do this because what we get on what is happening in Iraq is sanitized for the 10 second sound byte by TV and newspapers. We will never get the man on the street corner interview reporting from Iraq on what John and Jane Doe Iraqi are thinking.

We will never be told why with a total population of some 20 million that the only people the USA could find to head up the interim government were Chalabi who had left Iraq as a teenager and Allawi who was a CIA agent. What's that? No qualified Iraqis who were born and raised and stayed in Iraq and survived the turmoils who could head a government?

We will get the censored Saddam Hussein preliminary trial proceedings. And we will not be told when Saddam Hussein first entered the courtroom he was led to believe it was his execution hearing and he was headed directly for the hangmans noose from the hearing. It wasn't until a little later in the prelim that he figured out he was in a preliminary hearing and then he turned just a little more belligerent.

And remember all politics is local - even if the politics start in Iraq. It's like a stone thrown in the middle of a still pond - the ripples spread far and wide - reverberating back and forth across the rippled pond. And will the ripples come for thee and me?


Ron Getty
SF Libertarian