A Third-Party Opportunity in 2004?


Thanks for this. Tuccille makes an excellent argument.

I wish to add a critical factor, stated more articulately than
I could, by Richard Winger (_LP News_, November 2003,
p. 15). Richard says: "I believe there's a 50-50 chance that
the Greens will field a presidential candidate. And if [they
do not], the Libertarian vote total could shoot way up--
because he or she will be the only third-party candidate in
many states." Winger expects the LP 2004 presidential
candidate to get the highest vote totals in LP history. (I
recommend you read the entire article.)

However, this opportunity could be severely hampered by
the real possibility we get on the ballot in only 39 states.

We can make an earmarked contribution to the LP Ballot
Access Fund at www.lp.org (and it would _not_ support
any other LP projects). We can ensure being on all 50
state ballots again and capitalize on this exciting

Best, Michael