A slide show presentation on Ukraine, party afterward (November 12, Oakland)

The LPSF’s monthly meeting is tomorrow, 3-5pm. For anyone who may be interested and free afterward, just learned about this event happening in Oakland starting at 6pm…

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Subject: a Ukraine slide show and party Sat Nov 12th
Date: November 11, 2022 at 5:19:01 PM PST
To: “Rick Quinn” rickquinn55@gmail.com, “Teresa moore” gomeztmoore@gmail.com, “Terra Muzick” tmuzick@hotmail.com

You’re invited to my Ukraine Stories and Scorpio Party on Saturday, November 12th, with stories, photos and discussion from 6 to 8 pm and a party following at 2200 Adeline, Suite 320, Oakland.
I just got back from six weeks in Ukraine, where I found a flourishing democracy, a product of their Maidan Revolution, a Jewish revival, including a psychedelic synagogue at Kyiv’s Holocaust memorial, the facts behind the news on the Azov Regiment, and a veritable army of optimistic kids, despite being under existential attack by a fascist regime.
Although it may seem strange to have a party after such a report, both the Ukrainian kids and my Polish mother during the Holocaust pursued love, art and enjoyment during wartime. Indeed, the Scorpio Party, which I have been hosting for 45 years to celebrate art and difficult transitions, is suitable for this tricky balance.
Indeed, the story of progressive, tolerant and artistic Ukrainian needs to be told because Putin supporters on the left as well as the right will probably gain power with a Republican congress. While I do have an article, “The Kids of the Maidan: My Travels in Ukraine’s Democratic Revolution,” I am submitting it to publishers and will only place it in cineSOURCE http://www.cine-source.com/ in about a month.
For my other Ukraine coverage, see Ukraine’s Tragic, Complex History https://cinesourcemagazine.com/index.php?/site/comments/ukraines_complex_tragic_history/#.Y2tKwi1h0hv, or Ukraine Fights for Freedom in Song, Film and Television https://cinesourcemagazine.com/index.php?/site/comments/ukraine_fights_for_freedom_in_song_film_and_television/#.Y2tLAC1h0hs. By the way, I am happy to do my stories-photos presentation where ever there’s interest and an honorarium to be donated to my favorite Ukraine support group, Ukraine SOS.
Thanks for support and please subscribe to cineSOURCE https://cinesourcemagazine.com/#paypal, and Happy Scorpio.

Doniphan Blair

510 220.2126
2200 Adeline Street, Suite 320
Oakland, CA 94607


Have Doniphan Blair et al done any reports from any of the lands the 80+ #USgovt is currently illegally immorally unconstitutionally bloodily terroristically bombing & occupying fraudulently with Our Earnings/Savings & bankrupting the US economy?

Keep Me posted if they do; otherwise, they are just marionettes deployed to spout distracting #USgovt/CIA etc propaganda for the dimwitted.