A Risky Plan for San Francisco

I don't like that PG&E is handed a monopoly on a silver platter by CCSF
either, but CCSF going into the energy biz when they can't get Muni to run
on time seems like a recipe for disaster. I don't think my computer UPS
backup systems would survive a City Hall run power grid. It would be like a
third world country -- power outages daily, days without power when
something went wrong...

Could you all discuss possible responses by LPSF to this at the next
meeting? Not sure if it's initiative-worthy (if it were, I think PG&E would
have tried it), but at the very least an analysis for our website would be
nice if someone is willing to write it. Unfortunately, with my work
schedule, I just have time to post other people's content right now.

Sorry I can't be there for the meeting. Will be freezing my butt off in
Toronto for Chinese New Year with the in-laws.