A new angle on Prop. H

I got an interesting phone call just now from a fellow in New York. (I�m
not sure where all my phone number is posted, but it apparently gets

He pointed out that depriving people, or conspiring to deprive people, of
Constitutional rights under color of law is a criminal offense, per the
U.S. Code. He further pointed out that our supervisors have all taken an
oath to uphold the constitutions and laws of the United States and of
California, which means that acting against Constitutional rights could be
considered as evidence of perjury in their oath.

He�s going to e-mail me the details, but I believe he was specifically
referring to 18 USC 13 �241 �Conspiracy against rights� and �242
�Deprivation of rights under color of law�.


I suspect that, as these are criminal offenses, it would be difficult to
get prosecution, though perhaps the state AG would take them on. (-:
However, even absent prosecution, the possible illegality of the ballot
measure and possible law would be a useful point in a civil suit to
overturn it.