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I'd like to reply to this message. Can someone send me Geoffrey Neale's and Bill Winter's email addresses?



Mike Acree actually DID write a superb brochure (
http://www.outrightusa.org/Article02.htm ) on the Libertarian
approach to LGBT rights at least a few years ago, with yearly
revisions since then, but nobody outside of the LPSF and Outright
Libertarians seems interested in publishing it. (Mike prints
hundreds of copies of it -- funded out of his own pocket -- every
year for SF Pride.) So, since he's put in the effort to write the
thing, and he's offered multiple times to give (not sell) it to the
Party for mass-publication, I'm not exactly sure what more is
expected of him. To publish it nationwide himself? What do we need
all this LP bureaucracy for if absolutely 100% of the responsibility
for spreading Libertarian philosophy to the masses is going to fall
on the shoulders of individuals like Mike? It makes the whole
concept of a Libertarian Party with multiple levels of hierarchy seem
absurd, doesn't it? You know, if my company ducked responsibility
for doing our job as much as state and national LP "leaders"
consistently do, all our customers would have long since left us, and
we'd be out of business. It's too bad we frustrated local activists
can't let "market forces" do the same to the LP state and national,
because we'd lose ballot status and lay waste to a few decades of

Anyway, Steve, I'd love to see your reply (I don't have those
gentlemen's direct email addresses), but I'm slowly resigning myself
to the futility of getting anything beyond tax reform accomplished at
the state or national level. Let's just do what we can here in San
Francisco and ignore the outside critics. Looking only at the LPSF,
in isolation from state and national, Libertarianism seems to have a
real chance. The best indicator of this is that the President of our
Board of Supervisors, himself a real contender for the Mayor's
office, considered it a good use of his time to debate a handful of
our activists outside a candidates' forum. When was the last time
that someone of that caliber at the state or national level
considered Libertarians enough of a threat that he even gave them the
time of day? We're doing a good job. We don't have paid staff like
they do, nor an office, nor a budget in the millions or even
thousands of dollars. We've got a handful of part-time activists,
all with real full-time jobs elsewhere, working within a budget in
the hundreds, and with no more of a physical presence than a P.O.
box, but we're making a serious impact in San Francisco. In terms of
"bang for the buck", we're out-classing the state and national guys
by an order of magnitude. So let's just be proud of what we're
accomplishing and let our external detractors whine on in the vacuum
of irrelevance. You can even set up an automatic email filter to
send that stuff directly to the Trash folder, so you never see it.
It's much better for the blood pressure that way. (My thanks to a
friend in the East Bay for reminding me of that.)


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  LP News editor Bill Winter is at <Bill.Winter@...>, or <Editor@...>. National Chair Geoffrey Neale is at <chair@...>.

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Geoffrey Neale wrote:

Isn't it sad that a party of individuals is constantly looking towards and
depending upon some perverted form of paternalism from National?

I'm not sure if you caught the beginning of this thread, but the issue was that the national and state LP has a strong socially conservative(Republican) bias. The web sites, announcements and literature all highlight economic conservative issues(good) while largely ignoring socially liberal issues(bad). In this context, I think you'll agree that this isn't a question of "paternalism".

I want a strong message to environmentalists, a clear appeal to gays, an
open door to racial minorities. However, I'm white, middle aged, and
unabashedly straight - I'm a WASP, by birthright. Why would gays hear my
message better than from a gay person? Why would a black, or hispanic, or
any delineated group listen to me more than one of their own? The answer is
they will not.

I think one can judge the LP sites to be Republican biased without being a member of a minority. Also, it's not clear to me how it takes any extra effort to make balanced choices about what is highlighted on the websites or sent as announcements.

I should mention that I don't believe this bias is deliberate or done with malicious intent so please don't take our comments as personal criticisms. These things happen and this conversation is part of the way these resolving these issues.

As to the War in Iraq, yes, we should have done a MAJOR OUTREACH to the

Again, we're not asking for "outreach". We're asking for the LP to represent the official LP positions in a balanced way. We're happy to help with this. But as you and the state officials control the respective websites, etc, the first step is to talk to you about it and see if you see our point. Do you see that there has been a bias? If so, let's work together on fixing this problem. Where do we begin?

If the national and state administrators can let us know who among them would like to work with us on this , I'd be happy to get input from local members and send a list of recommendations and comments.

Kind regards,
-- Steve


  I second your comments here. On the bright side, allow me to note that the recent press release from National on the Rush Limbaugh/oxycontin affair (at bottom) was terrific -- definitely no punches pulled against conservatives in that one! Nice job, George.

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