A Message From Christine Smith

We are all allies who sincerely devote ourselves to advancing

Ron Paul's campaign is one of the most debated and discussed topics
among libertarians/Libertarians today. Due to such discussion (and
the emails I receive on this topic), I want to share with you what I

I, as an individual am committed to advancing liberty in our nation,
thus I am and will do everything I can to help the campaign of Ron

Advancing liberty is my goal, and for the past month and half, I've
been doing whatever I can to share/promote Ron Paul's campaign. I'm
doing even more now. I believe it is imperative everyone who truly
wants to achieve true liberty in this nation do all they can to help
those who courageously step forward to make a stand in this nation
for our freedoms-and Ron Paul has stepped forward!

I did not always feel this way, thus I can more easily comprehend
those Libertarians who differ with me, but I have grown in my
understanding and my awareness, especially in the past two months. I
now reject the knee-jerk reaction which I see many Libertarians still
harbor. The reason? Because nothing is more important to me that
achieving greater liberty in America, I now understand the necessity
of putting aside differences (and certainly disregarding political
party affiliation) when it comes to advancing liberty. If I believe a
candidate is sincere, trustworthy, and devoted to the cause of
liberty - I am more than happy, I am elated, to help them. This is
how I feel about helping Ron Paul.

Last night, I was again on another radio show to promote Dr. Paul and
share about the Boston Tea Party 2007. On the show (heard in America
and also in Europe via internet) I invited everyone to view the video
of the speeches given at Faneuil Hall, particularly recommending the
speech by Jacob Hornberger as it was a most eloquent impassioned
elucidation of Dr. Paul's key issues which distinguish him from every
other major party candidate.

(Interested in viewing it? Visit


Fast forward to a few seconds past the 15-minute mark to hear
Hornberger's speech about Dr. Paul - I'm sharing that link with many,
and shared it with everyone on the radio show last night--the
speeches are good--but Hornberger's is the one I particularly
recommend since it was so powerful).

On the radio show, I discussed Paul's amazing $6 million in
fundraising this past Sunday and explained just what that means in
terms of the incredible grassroots support he has. I discussed his
several key issues (on which we both agree), and even shared some of
Dr. Paul's comments about how he feels about his fundraising getting
media attention versus his ideas/policy (which in itself speaks to
the popularity of his ideas). Now that's a man of integrity. (I also
discussed HR 3600, Dr. Paul's attempt to get fair ballot access for
all candidates.)

It was a great show, and just one of the things I intend to keep
doing for Ron Paul especially now and during the next few months of

Why you might ask, considering I'm seeking the LP nomination? Well, I
think most of you comprehend how important achieving liberty:
restoring our rights, getting us on a path to economic prosperity,
and most of all peace, is to this nation. So it follows that with
liberty as my goal, I'm going to help others who sincerely share this
goal...and I think Ron Paul has done more for the cause of liberty in
this nation than any other politician in our lifetime.

As an individual I intend to always do all I can for the cause of
liberty throughout my life. And I feel that at this time, right now,
whatever I can do to help his campaign is directly helping the cause
of liberty in America.

As I shared on the radio show last night, people need to get past the
political party next to someone's name. We need to support the
candidates who we trust are truly devoted to achieving liberty. I've
gained a much deeper understanding and appreciation for this
necessity at this point in my life...because we need to save
America...we need liberty...and for me that's more important than
anything. I don't care if there's an "R" a "D" an "L" or any other
party designation by someone's name - I care about who they and what
they stand for-and if they are devoted to advancing liberty-I'm for

I'm aware that I didn't possess this understanding fully when I began
my campaign. I did intellectually to some degree, but at the same
time, I of course was very focused (and still am) on my campaign and
thereby distracted enough to allow myself to have an irrational knee-
jerk reaction to Paul's campaign. I always appreciated him (for his
voting record and his strong uncompromising position of non-
interventionism in foreign policy), but now, due to those of you who
shared much with me (and my in depth reading of Dr. Paul's writings),
I began to realize that the most important thing I can do for liberty
right now is to help Ron Paul. Those of us who care about liberty
need to gather signatures (support those who are), talk to everyone
we possibly can in person-phone-letters, etc., and do our best to
help Ron Paul in general (and specifically in the important primary
states). And that's what I'm going to do every chance I can.

I've become a reader of Dr. Paul's columns on Lew Rockwell, and
highly recommend them to you because his consistency for liberty on
so many issues are in his columns - you will learn much - I know I
have a far greater deeper appreciation for Dr. Paul because of those
columns - columns I only began reading consistently in the past two
months - I'm glad they are archived. Prior to this, I didn't have the
knowledge to make a judgment and thus I was mistaken in doing so. Now
that I've taken the time to really research this man, his consistency
for years, and read his positions in depth - I too am excited and
want to help.

As for my campaign, it is stronger than ever thanks to so many of
you. I thank everyone for their support. You came through for me in
so many ways, and I want you to know all my experiences this past
year have made me an even stronger communicator of liberty because I
have learned so much. I want to always learn and grow, I want to
learn from other's wisdom and experiences, so I can be the best
advocate for liberty I can be. And my heart is filled with gratitude
to all the libertarians/Libertarians who have graciously shared so
much with me each step of my campaign. Now, I'm more ready than ever
to be the best LP Presidential candidate for us --and I owe that to
so many of you. I have learned much in this past year, and I am
stronger for it. Thank you.

Yes, my campaign is continuing, it is strong, and I am happy,
grateful and encouraged! Liberty is my goal and I will do all I can
to work for it and I will always support others I believe are
sincerely working for it.

Each of us have unique gifts to give; it's time to put aside
differences, join together, and create the nation we envision of
liberty for all.

I'll be meeting more of you in this coming year, and am looking
forward to what we're going to do at the LP National Convention In
Denver in May, 2008. I hope you can join us in person, and if not,
join us in spirit - the spirit of liberty!

And, I reiterate the truth I am now more fully aware of and taking
action for: We are all allies who sincerely devote ourselves to
advancing liberty.

Christine Smith
Libertarian Candidate for President


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